Investing in Africa

Here's a show and tell for investors explaining our services. Originating deal flow has remained challenging for the smaller retail investors in Africa and the slumbering stock markets have exacerbated the issue. Alternative investing in startups may be the solution and you can get in on the ground floor for a song. With the PushandStart platform, you'll be able to set your investment size from tiny for the ultra-conservatives right up to huge for those of us who like to walk on the wild side.


Funding is a major challenge but beyond that there are numerous issues which serve to complicate and frustrate the entrepreneurial aspirations of young Africans. If you've worked at your own start-up and have the experience to show, why not work as a mentor and help these start ups avoid some of the pitfalls that dot the terrain? Or maybe you're an accountant, lawyer, business consultant, branding specialist or other professional looking to broaden your revenue stream by attracting more work. In that case, we have just the thing.


We know you want to work on your own start-up. Problem is, it isn't easy. There are so many challenges, starting with funding. Others include lack of domain expertise, inadequate experience, peer/family pressure, and of course the right idea. We want to work with start-up founders across sub-Saharan Africa to realise those entrepreneurial dreams regardless of the daunting and frustrating hindrances along the way. There are so many ways we can help, trust us.

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